Sheer Panty

If you want a sexy, revealing look then a sheer panty is the one for you.  These translucent panties leave very little to the imagination which will make you feel incredibly hot in them.  You can find just about every style of panties available in a variety of sheer fabrics.  It is easy to take this look and make it your own by adjusting three factors; style, color and fabric.  By running through the seemingly endless combinations, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Sheer Panty

A sheer thong style panty is about as revealing as you can get when it comes to lingerie.  Most will have just one small patch of sheer fabric, whether it is lace, mesh or delicate silk, in the front connecting at the top with string sides that go around and meet a g-string back.  A pair like the one seen above has a combination of sweetness and edge with the sheer pink and dark black trim.  By changing the colors on this look, you can come up with all different styles to suit your mood!

Boy shorts are another style of panty that looks great in sheer fabrics.  These cheeky panties are already flirty, but when you add in the extra appeal of a see-through delicate silk or soft lace, it takes this one right over the edge to full on sexy.  You will have the feeling of full coverage in the front but with the sheer fabric you’ll reveal just enough to be seductive while still keeping some secrets.

You can find a sheer panty in any cut and several different fabrics.  Which one you choose just depends on what look you need.  Why bother limiting yourself though?  Pick up sheer lingerie in every cut and color, and you will have a different choice every single day of the week!

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